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Crossbridge Missions

At Crossbridge, 10% of our tithes and offerings goes back out the door to extend the work of Jesus through our ministry partners. The missions we currently support are listed below. In addition, we lend our support to other missions and causes through various ministries including Cy-Fair Helping Hands, Cypress Assistance Ministries, and the Owens Elementary School Mentor program.

Tanglewood Christian Camp

Tanglewood Christian Camp provides space and programming to get kids unplugged from technology and plugged into Jesus through camping and other outdoor activities.

Twelve 21 Mission

Twelve21 Mission exists to make the name of Jesus known in places and nations where his name is largely unknown. They exist to make his name known. Based on Matthew 12:21, their entire mission is that the name of Jesus will be the hope of the world.

World Mission Builders

World Mission Builders ``puts permanence in missions.``They build buildings for churches that will outlast individual preachers and missionaries. Crossbridge has partnered with WMB to put up church buildings in the Philippines and Haiti.

International Disaster Emergency Services

IDES does humanitarian work in disaster areas like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fires. IDES works through the local church by finding healthy churches near the disaster area to give money and resources to be the hero and help.

Dallas Christian College trains and sends out ministers of the gospel of Jesus. We partner with them to continue sending out more and more pastors.

We are SENT as ambassadors of Jesus back into the world to share his infectious and contagious love.

Crossbridge has added a new mission partner with HOPE Coffee. The coffee served in the Mission Cafe is fair trade coffee from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. Because of our partnership with HOPE, we get to empower coffee farmers through direct trade relationships, provide clean water, safe shelter, education for families, and support churches as they reach families in their communities. So come early on Sunday mornings and enjoy a “cup of joe” in the Mission Cafe. To learn more about HOPE Coffee, visit

2017 Haiti Church

Last Christmas, we raised money for a church building and orphanage in Pignon, Haiti. Seven from Crossbridge joined 19 others with World Mission Builders July 10-21, and we put up the building. Please continue to pray for Pastor John of Pignon, who is leading the church and orphanage.

Philippines Church

Crossbridge funded and erected a church building in the Philippines in February 2014. The building is located in the city of Orion on the Island of Bataan. The Pastor of the church is Pastor Gerez. He is currently finishing his degree from Manila Bible Seminary. We are blessed to have been able to partner with Pastor Gerez and World Mission Builders to help this church with its first building.

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